Friday May 19, 2017

7:32 pm Candle Lighting

6:30 pm  Mincha followed by Drasha & Arvit

Parasha Behar-Bechukotai


Saturday May 20, 2017

8:36 am (9:19 am GRA) Latest time for shema 

8:45 am   Shaharit

10:00 am Torah Reading by Sinai boys. Mazal Tov! 

11:00 am Drasha by Rabbi Yisraeli

11:30 am Kiddush has been sponsored by
Bahareh Shahravan Taban & Shahravan family in celebration of Daniel and Shahin birthdays.

Mazal Tov!


5:45 pm Mishnayot at Rabbi Yisraeli's home for boys ages 8-18 years old.  

7:00 pm Mincha at Westwood Kehilla 
7:25 pm Seudah Shlishit
8:30 pm Arvit
8:41 pm Shabbat Ends


It's back! 5 days a week @ 8:00 am Shaharit followed by breakfast.

8:15 am Shaharit followed by special breakfast prepared by         Babak Refoua and class by Rabbi Yisraeli  
"Electricity & Lights on Shabbat & Yom Tov!"

Friday is Rosh Chodesh Sivan
Monday, Thursday & Friday 

6:30 am Shaharit followed by breakfast and shiur

Tuesday & Wednesday  
6:45 am Shaharit followed by breakfast and shiur



1st Aliya:
Parashat Behar begins with the laws of Shemitah and Yovel. The land lay fallow every 7th year, and after the 49th year, (7×7) it lay fallow a 2nd year for the 50th as well.

2nd Aliya: Hashem (G-d) promises (25:21-22) that He will provide for the nation, regardless of the land being fallow. No one will go hungry. The return, at Yovel, of all hereditary lands to their original owners is commanded.
3rd Aliya: The difference between the sale of a property in a walled city vs. an unwalled city is established. Continuing the theme of providing and dependency, we are commanded to provide for our impoverished brethren. Just as Hashem provides for us, we must provide for each other.
4th Aliya: The freeing of all Jewish slaves at the Yovel is detailed. The Torah discusses redeeming a Jewish slave from a non-Jewish owner, and the formula for how much to pay the non-Jewish master. We begin reading Bechukotai. The opening verses describe the wondrous successes awaiting the nation, so long as they follow Hashem's Mitzvos.
5th Aliya: This Aliya is called the Tochacha – The Rebuke. It is a lengthy description of the terrible punishments awaiting the nation, if they do not follow the Torah. It is customary for the Baal Koreh (Reader) to have this Aliya, and to read it faster and more quietly than the rest of the Parasha.
6th Aliya: The established prices for endowments of individual worth, or that of an animal, are listed.
7th Aliya: The final portion deals with endowments of property to the Bet Hamikdash.


Yirmiyahu's words ring with the same urgency and fear as the Tochacha itself. Yirmiyahu was the Navi who beseeched his people to repent before the impending destruction and exile of the nation. He decried the delusions of those who used their ill begotten wealth to serve idols and foreign ideologies. They denied the benevolence of G-d and were destined to go into exile.
The acquisition of wealth through illegal means is a denial of G-d's ability to provide and protect. He who trusts in man for his strength and future is destined to be betrayed. He will be as a lone tree in the wilderness (17:6) bereft of protection or support. On the other hand, he who trusts in G-d will be blessed and secured.

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