Join Us For an Extravaganza Full Luncheon This Shabbat and Learn



About Arjang Zendehdel: For more than 22 years, Arjang Zendehdel has been training and researching in 14 different disciplines in search of the secrets of success and fulfillment.  Arjang has shared some of his discoveries with hundreds of thousands of people as radio talk show host of two shows on KRSI and KIRN 670AM for a combined 10 years.  In 2002, Arjang founded Dreamality Education & Coaching® to teach people how to achieve their potential and live their dreams. As Head Trainer of Dreamality, Arjang has created a revolutionary step-by-step system for creating results that combines profound wisdom integrated from 14 disciplines and his own cutting-edge techniques he calls Precision Transformation Technology™. Through innovative seminars and personal coaching, Dreamality has already supported thousands of people to achieve quantum leaps in performance and quality of life.

We are looking for sponsors for this program each at $250. If you like to dedicate this program for any occasion, please reply back to this e-mail.  

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