Friday October 20, 2017

5:54 pm Candle Lighting

5:45 pm SHARP Mincha followed by Drasha & Arvit

Parasha Noach


Saturday October 21, 2017
9:13 am (9:50 am GRA) Latest time for shema 

8:45 am Shaharit SHARP
10:00 am Torah Reading  

11:00 am Drasha by Rabbi Yisraeli 

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5:30 pm Mincha at Westwood Kehilla 

6:00 pm Seudah Shilishit   

6:57 pm Shabbat Ends 



 8:15 am Shaharit followed by shiur and breakfast    


Monday & Thursday
6:30 am Shaharit followed by shiur and breakfast   
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 

6:45 am Shaharit followed by shiur and breakfast  



Weekly Mincha & Arvit will be at 5:45 






1st Aliya: Noach, a righteous man, is introduced in contrast to a generation that "has perverted its ways". Hashem instructs him to build, and outfit the Ark.  
2nd Aliya: Noach is told to enter the Ark along with all the animals. On Cheshvan 17, 1656 – October 27, 2106 b.c.e the flood began.
3rd Aliya: For 40 days and nights the waters increased, destroying all living things. The water raged upon the surface of the earth for 150 days, and then diminished for the next 150. On Nissan 17, May 23, the Ark rested upon Mt.Ararat. Noach sends out the Raven and then the Dove, and on Cheshvan 27,October 27, exactly 1 solar year after it began, the earth was dry.
4th Aliya: Noach and his family exit the Tevah, and offer sacrifices to Hashem. They are commanded to keep the 7 Noahide mitzvot.
5th Aliya: Hashem promises to never again destroy the world and designates the rainbow as the symbol of that covenant.
6th Aliya: The story of Noach, the vineyard, and the subsequent blessings and curses is related. The descendants of Cham, Yefes, and Canaan are listed.
7th Aliya: The story of the Tower of Babel in 1996 and Nimrod's world dominance is told. The 10 generations of Shem, culminating in the introduction of Avram and Sarai, are listed. The year is 2023. Note that Avram was 48 years old when the Tower of Babel took place and he was 56 years old when Noach died.





Isaiah 54:1 – 55:5

This Shabbat we read chapter 54 in Yeshayahu that describes Israel in the aftermath of the destruction of the Bet Hamikdash as afflicted, barren, and inconsolable. The Navi assures the people that Hashem's kindness and love for them is ever present, protecting, and sustaining. This is the same Haftorah as Parshat Ki Tetzeh. (the 4th Haftarah of Consolation)  
Pasuk 54:9 refers to the destruction of Yerushalayim as "…this is like the waters of Noach to me…" The Navi lets us know that destruction occurs when Hashem's kindness and protection is removed from the world and from Israel. "For a brief moment I forsook you…" (54:7) "…for a moment I hid my face from you…" (54:8)
The Navi concludes with the reassurance that Hashem remembers His covenant with the world and the Chosen People. Consequences are the result of Hashem's presence being more or less manifest in society. The degree to which we reveal Hashem's influence in our lives is the degree to which His protection and supervision is realized. Our job is to reveal Hashem through doing His commandments and learning His Torah.




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