PARASHAT CHUKAT – Join us For an Extravaganza Full Luncheon with


Friday July 15, 2016
7:46 pm Candle Lighting
6:45 pm  Mincha
Short Drash
7:30 pm  Arvit

Parasha Chukat

Saturday July 16, 2016


8:42 am (9:26 am GRA) Latest time for shema 

8:45 am   Shacharit
10:00 am Torah Reading
11:00 am  Drash by Rabbi Yisraeli

11:30 Join us For an Extravaganza Full Luncheon with a great speaker Arjang Zendehdel exploring the secret of success behind true inner peace, power & self-mastery.
Golchech family has generously co-sponsored this event. We are looking for more sponsors each at $250.

If you like to dedicate this program for any occasion, please reply back to this e-mail.   

Shabbat Afternoon at our Kenissa

6:45 pm Pre-Mincha Shiur

7:30 pm Mincha
7:55 pm Seuda Shlishit

8:35 pm Arvit
8:49 pm Shabbat Ends 
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Parasha Korach

1st Aliya: Korach, along with Dattan, Aviram, & 250 men from Shevet Reuven, challenged Moshe & Aharon's leadership. Moshe set the next day for a showdown, hoping that the rebels would reconsider their rebellion.

2nd Aliya:
After attempting to convince Korach to reconsider, Moshe attempted to sway Dattan and Aviram. Moshe's efforts were rebuffed.


3rd Aliya: The "hitting of the rock" occurred and Moshe and Aharon were refused entry into Eretz Yisroel. 

4th Aliya: Moshe requested from Edom permission to travel through their land on the way to Eretz Yisroel. Edom refused.

5th Aliya: Aharon died & Elazar succeeded his father as Kohen Gadol. They encountered the southern Cannanities (13 miles west of the Dead Sea) & bested them in battle. Following Aharon's death protective clouds departed & the nation began to complain about the living conditions. Hashem sent poisonous snakes to attack the nation & Moshe was instructed to create "copper snake on a stick" to miraculously save the bitten.

6th & 7th Aliya: The nation traveled to Yeshimon- northeast of the Dead Sea. In the conclusion of Chukas, the nation was refused access to the lands of Sichon and Og, & Moshe led them into victorious battle against them.


Parashat Chukat Haftarah 

In the year 2779 Yiftach HaGiladi became Judge – Shofet. Yiftach is described as a gifted warrior who was seemingly unworthy of becoming the Shofet. His brothers had cast out Yiftach because he was the son of a concubine. While away from his family Yiftach gathered around himself an army of outlaws. Due to the oppression and tyranny of Ammon, Yiftach was asked by the elders of Gilad to return to the family and lead them against the forces of Ammon. Yiftach was victorious and remained Shofet for six years.

There are a number of reasons why the story of Yiftach was selected to complement Parshat Chukat. First of all the issue of leadership. The Talmud tells us that  Read more...



What is one of the secrets behind true inner peace, power and self-mastery?

What is one of the most essential features of someone who has achieved financial success?                  

What is one of the most important characteristics you can develop to attract the opposite sex and for having great relationships?
The answer to all of the above is the same. Join us for a deeply profound topic taught by Arjang Zendehdel, popular radio talk show host (formerly on 670AM) and founder of Dreamality Education & Coaching®. Discover one of the root reasons behind negative emotions and problems that people face, and realize the principle behind true fulfillment, power and success. Interestingly, this topic is also a hidden, yet core principle in the Torah; and understanding it can greatly enrich your practice of Judaism. Integrating his experience from more than 14 disciplines and using accelerated learning techniques, Arjang has deeply impacted the lives of countless people. We invite you to experience for yourself this very enlightening and fun event!
For more than 22 years, Arjang Zendehdel has been training & researching in 14 different disciplines to master the secrets of success & fulfillment.  Among other forms of education, he received his Bachelor's degree in Communications from UCLA, earned a Masters in Business Administration & became a certified Mediator at Pepperdine University.  He is a certified Master Coach & Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  
Arjang has shared his discoveries with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide as executive producer and popular radio talk show host of two shows on KRSI and KIRN 670AM for a combined 10 years. In addition to interviewing leading world experts and best-selling authors – such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Brian Weiss, Marianne Williamson and others – Arjang also coached listeners live on air.
In 2002, Arjang founded Dreamality Education & Coaching® to teach people how to achieve their potential and live their dreams. As CEO and Head Trainer of Dreamality, Arjang has created a revolutionary step-by-step system for creating results that combines profound wisdom integrated from 14 disciplines and his own cutting-edge techniques he calls Precision Transformation Technology™. Through life-changing seminars and personal coaching, Dreamality has already supported thousands of people to take quantum leaps forward in performance and quality of life. Arjang is living life of his dreams in Pacific Palisades with his wife and two children.
Since Dreamality was founded in 2002, our programs have profoundly touched the lives of thousands of people. Our participants have used the powerful skills they've learned to clear major negative emotions, achieve true fulfillment, get married, create great relationships, increase their income 10 to 900%, shed 10 to 100+ pounds, quit cigarettes and all kinds of drugs, and more. Here is a sample of their testimonials:
"I've attended countless seminars and seen countless therapists, coaches, psychologists, etc.  Dreamality with Arjang Zendehdel was by far the most influential, most powerful, and most effective of them all!" – Dreamality Participant
"My life is more purposeful. I am calm, focused, peaceful and relaxed… I have read so many self-help and psychology books, and listened to tapes. But the results that I have gained from Arjang have been tremendous. His style is unique."  – A.R., Medical Assistant
"I am successful. I feel confident and strong regardless of external circumstances. I'm clear and complete with my past relationships. I am currently married to a lovely woman. I've increased my company's revenue and personal income about 10 times more than in 2007 when I started with Arjang. I'm also exercising regularly and feeling great health-wise. I've learned that coaching supports me to resolve my life issues and operate at peak levels." – Asher Shalom
"I asked Arjang to help me at one of the most crucial times of my career and studies. I felt stuck and scared. Dreamality allowed me to overcome it and turn some of my biggest fears into joy and power. As a result, I had strength and tools to peacefully and joyously take my medical certification exam and pass!" – Steve R., Medical Doctor
"As a result of Dreamality, I more than tripled my income as a real estate agent during a recession!" – Shokoh Nasab, Real Estate Agent
"Your classes inspired me to do a lot of things that I wouldn't think I was capable of doing before… There were a lot of fears hidden inside me that when I got pregnant last year, I think I subconsciously terminated it myself. With the trainings I got from your classes I was able to overcome my fears, face my challenges and have the delivery I wished and hoped for – a 100% natural and drug free pregnancy and delivery!! After this experience of a lifetime, I think I can accomplish anything I set my mind to." – Maya Motamedi
"I'm engaged [now married]! In the beginning of this program, I wrote a list of my "Ideal Man" obviously not thinking anyone can fit the profile, but my fiancé came along and proved me wrong! I am so content with the relationships I have now…" – Ava Ardalan, Insurance Agent & Fashion Designer
"I overcame the biggest challenge of my life: I quit smoking!!! I feel powerful and better than ever!" – Bonnie Sadigh, Interior Designer
"I have certainly become a stronger person with the tools that you have given me. I was able to lose 38 pounds. I am running to exercise and enjoy it. I believe in myself and love myself more than ever in my life." – Dreamality Participant
"Your work has been very profound for us, because it is causing a shift not just in our marriage, but in our lives. We are learning to create the life that we want, rather than life being created for us. Our relationship has improved tremendously." – Ranan Shahar, Acupuncturist; and Pascale Shahar, Nurse
"You taught me how to live the life that I was not living. I feel good and complete with myself. I have found 'Me.' There is nothing hidden in my heart and my soul. I feel crystal clear." – Janet Gordon
"I'm feeling a lot better about myself and my life. My health has improved dramatically. I am more focused and clearer than before. And I have gotten my dream job!" – Sharona Koshki, Nutritionist
"Before I started, I was feeling depressed, confused and panic stricken. I had gone to countless therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and spiritual mentors, but no on affected me like Arjang Zendehdel. After only 1 month, I feel awake with a sense of peace, and I know I can and will achieve my fullest potential." – Garrett Shaw, Businessman


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