Dear community, 

Baruch Hashem we are able to have accommodation for an outdoor Minyan for this Shabbat as well!

We would like to again thank Mr. & Mrs. Shadi who have  opened their home to the community for the Minyanim 

The address is:
10665 Wellworth Ave. Los Angeles CA 90024
We urge everyone to sign up as soon as possible to ensure they have a reserved spot (Please specify if you're planning to be joining us for Friday night, Shabbat morning or both).

Please read carefully, and confirm if we would have the honor of your presence
The Tosafot write (תוספות בבא קמא דף כג עמוד א ד”ה וליחייב בעל הגחלת) that one is obligated to concern himself not to damage others, even more than his concern about his own security, not to be damaged!

1. At present no more than 17 spots would be allowed in a Minyan

2. No one under Bar Mitzvah will be permitted into the Bet Knesset unless with Explicit permission from the Rabbi/Presidents.
3. At this time we will not be able to have women in the Bet Knesset. We hope this will change soon.

4. If you are between 60-70 please consult your doctor to get clearance before coming to Bet Knesset. No one over 70 can come to Bet Knesset at present.

5. No one will be able to enter the Bet Knesset without a mask. Masks must be covering the mouth and nose at all times 

6. Once entering everyone is required to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or at least sanitize their hands.

7. If you have a preexisting condition you should consult your doctor, and perhaps not come to Bet Knesset.

8. If you are not feeling well or exhibiting any symptoms you should not come to Bet Knesset.

9. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own talitot, Siddurim and Chumashim.

10. No socializing in or outside the Bet Knesset .

11. No Food or drink should be brought into the Bet Knesset.

12. Only the Baal Koreh will touch the Torah and will get to do Petihat Hechal, Hotza'at Sefer Torah and Hagbaha at least initially.

13. At present only people who are registered and up to 17 people will be allowed to come to any specific minyan.

14. It has been determined that the people who attend minyan on a regular basis will be accommodated first. However, if there are enough people we are willing to create a second minyan in a different location or at a different time.

15. Upon completion of Davening we ask everyone to clean their area with provided cleansers, and exit the building without congregating in or outside the Bet Knesset. 

16. We respectfully ask everyone to be there on time, to enable us to progress in a timely manner, and avoid unnecessary exposure to others.

We join you in expressing our endless Hakarat Hatov to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for our health and continue to daven for help in navigating this difficult time. Hashem should accept all of our tefilot.


While we have no idea why Coronavirus has struck our communities or what each person’s message is in all of this, we do know why we are in גלות. Chazal point us to שנאת חינם  and the attendant social sins of Lashon Hara and the like.  We are excited to join in this fantastic initiative to work on combating negativity and create אחדות. 
People are looking for something positive to do at this time of crisis. This Machsom L’Fi is empowering and can have a very powerful impact for ourselves, our families, and all of Klal Yisrael.” style=”font-weight:bold;letter-spacing:normal;line-height:100%;text-align:center;text-decoration:none;color:#ffffff;display:block” target=”_blank”>
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Westwood Bet Knesset 
10687 Santa Monica Blvd suite #9, Los Angeles CA, 90024

                 ( 310 ) 800 1539  

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