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Friday August 11, 2017

7:26 pm Candle Lighting

6:15 pm SHARP Mincha followed by Drasha & Arvit

Parasha Ekev


Saturday August 12, 2017
8:54 am (9:35 am GRA) Latest time for shema 

8:45 am   Shaharit
10:00 am Torah Reading  

11:00 am Drasha by Rabbi Yisraeli 

11:30 am Full Luncheon Kiddush has been sponsored by Nahal & Roy Rayn in celebration the birth of a baby boy. 

Mazal Tov! 


7:00 pm Mincha at our Kenisa 

7:20 pm Seudah Shilishit has been sponsored by Golcheh family Leiouy Nishmat Hakavod Ruben ben Rabi A"H
Mr. Golcheh's Father. 

8:15 pm Arvit
8:28 pm Shabbat Ends 



8:15 am Shaharit at our Kenisa followed by shiur and
               breakfast prepared by Babak Refoua. 

Weekdays Mincha & Arvit will be at 7:30

Monday & Thursday

6:30 am Shaharit followed by breakfast and shiur   

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday  

6:45 am Shaharit followed by breakfast and shiur

Please join our daily Minyan at 8:30 am Monday to Friday



1st Aliyah: Moshe details the general rewards for following the Torah, and encourages the nation to have complete confidence in Hashem's protection. Moshe forewarns them of the dangers in being overly confident and commands them in the Mitzvah of Birkat Hamazon (8:10).
2nd Aliyah: Moshe warns them regarding the pitfalls of prosperity and idolatry, and exhorts them to remain humble in the face of their guaranteed victories. G-d is the one who deserves the credit!
3rd Aliyah: In order to illustrate his point, Moshe reviews the incident of the Golden Calf. He explains why G-d, being a G-d of Justice, will grant the Bnei Yisrael a victory over the inhabitants of Canaan. Not because the Jews are deserving, but because the Seven Nations deserve to be punished for their own evil actions. The actions of the Bnei Yisrael during the 40 years, such as the Golden Calf, should have resulted in the Jews' destruction. It was three factors which kept them alive and well so that they could inherit the land.
Hashem's promise to Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov.
The Chillul Hashem- desecration of G-d's name-that would have occurred among the other nations who would question G-d's ability to protect His nation.
Moshe's begging for Hashem's forgiveness.
4th Aliyah: Moshe finishes the story of the Golden Calf by retelling the giving of the Second Luchot.
5th Aliyah: Moshe poses the famous rhetorical question of, "What does G-d want… follow His ways…" and describes other instances of Hashem's demanding justice.
6th Aliyah: Moshe describes the nature of Eretz Yisrael as demanding and responsive to our following the Torah. The second Parasha of Shema is recorded.
7th Aliya: Moshe promises the nation total victory if they listen to the Mitzvot and follow the ways of the Hashem.




Isaiah 49:14 – 51:3

In this week's Haftarah, Yishayuhu the Navi evokes a powerful image that is consistent with this week's Parasha. He describes our relationship with Hashem as a mother who can not possibly abandon or forget her children. Nothing that we will do, or that might occur, can result in Hashem being divorced from His People. In fact, even though G-d seemingly "hides His face" from us and allows other nations to dominate and oppress us, they will ultimately have to answer to Him.
Parents who appropriately punish their children are doing G-d's work and are rewarded for their expressions of love and caring. However, the "punishing nations" have never accepted their position as the extended hand of a loving G-d chastising and punishing His chosen people. Therefore, they will be punished, rather than rewarded.
The imagery is intended to focus us on the emotional and unbreakable bond that exists between us and Hashem. It is no different than a mother who must cope with the child who ignores and disobeys her. However, in spite of the hurt and the responsibility to punish, the parent is incapable of separating herself from the love and concern she feels for her child, even more so at the time of punishment! It is therefore incumbent upon the child, not the mother, to recognize the parents' ever present love, and embrace, rather than reject, the relationship.
In the end, recognizing that Hashem has never and will never abandoned us, especially at the times of our greatest trials and tragedies, will reawaken our love for Hashem and bring comfort to the nation and Eretz Yisrael.



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