Friday July 14, 2017

7:47 pm Candle Lighting

6:30 pm SHARP Mincha followed by Drasha & Arvit

Parasha Pinchas


Saturday July 15, 2017
8:42 am (9:26 am GRA) Latest time for shema 

8:45 am   Shaharit
10:00 am Torah Reading  

11:00 am Drasha by Rabbi Yisraeli

11:30 am Kiddush has been sponsored by Golcheh family Leilouy Nishmat Mr. Golcheh's Mother yahrtzreit Neama bat Eliyahu A"H. 



5:45 pm Mishnayot at Rabbi Yisraeli's home for boys ages 8-18 years old.  

6:45 pm Pre-Mincha Shiur at our Kenisa  

7:30 pm Mincha at our Kenisa

7:50 pm Seudah Shilishit has been sponsored by Golcheh family Leilouy Nishmat Mr. Golcheh's Mother yahrtzreit Neama bat Eliyahu A"H.

8:35 pm Arvit
8:50 pm Shabbat Ends

7:45 Weekdays Mincha & Arvit


8:00 am Shaharit at our Kenisa.

9:00 am Special breakfast prepared by Babak Refoua at  Daddy Camp in Westwood Kehilla.  

Monday & Thursday

6:30 am Shaharit followed by breakfast and shiur   

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday  

6:45 am Shaharit followed by breakfast and shiur

8:30 am Minyan Monday to Friday 




1st Aliya: As a reward for his act of zealousness, Pinchas is appointed as a Kohen. Although a grandson to Aharon, he was not included in the original selection of Kohanim. No other person would ever be so honored
2nd Aliya: Moshe is told to do battle against the Midianites in retaliation for the incident at Baal Peor. Moshe counts the Bnei Yisrael in preparation for entering Eretz Yisrael. The total number of men over 20 years old, not including the Leviyim, is 601,730; compared to 40 years earlier when it was 603,550. If you include all men, women and children, the total is approx. three million
3rd Aliya: Moshe divides Israel through a lottery that miraculously matched each tribe to its proper portion. The Leviyim are counted.
4th Aliya: Motivated by the "she'elah – question" of Tzelafchad's daughters regarding their father who died without any sons, the laws of inheritance are discussed. Moshe is told to prepare for his death, and Yehoshua is chosen as his successor.
5th, 6th & 7th Aliyot: The remainder of the Parsha details the various public sacrifices offered throughout the year: daily, Shabbat, Musaf, Rosh Chodesh, and every Yom Tov.



Jeremiah 1:1 – 2:3
T'lat Depuranuta is the name given to the next three Haftarot. These are special selections from the Navi Yirmiyahu that were chosen because they prophesies the destruction of Yerushalayim and the 1st Beit Hamikdash.
In this Haftarah, Yirmiyahu HaNavi foretells of the Babylonian invasion. The condemnation of the Jews for abandoning G-d and Torah is somewhat softened by the concluding description of Hashem's love for His children. "I remember the devotedness of your youth, your love as a bride, how you followed me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown." as if we are given permission to envision the tears of the Creator as He confronts His beloved's infidelity.



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