Kippur Program & Reservation

Westwood Bet Knesset

 Kippur Program

in Emerson Middle School 1650 Selby Ave.

A truly inspirational Yom Kippur in the  

Heart of Westwood!
With Rabbi Shlomo Yisraeli &
Rabbi Dr. Baruch Amiri

Services led in Traditional Sephardic Hebrew Text with insightful English commentary.
Jewish Philosophy Workshops
with Dr. Rabbi Amiri,
Rabbi Yisraeli and others!

Tuesday Night – After Evening Services
Wednesday – During & After Morning Services
(English Translation Siddurim Available)

For Questions Call 310.800.1539 or



Westwood Bet Knesset | 10687 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste 9 |  
Los Angeles, California 90025 Telephone and Text: (310) 800-1539 
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Westwood Bet Knesset | 10687 Santa Monica Blvd #9 | Los Angeles | CA | 90025” />

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